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At Performance Powdercoating, our goal is to meet our client’s expectations and build long lasting relationships. That’s why we have the ability to handle very large jobs… and small ones too. Our metal fabrication and manufacturing capabilities allow us to handle more than just your powder coating needs. We can do it all to lower your costs and work with one friendly and reliable company. All of our services are competitively priced, and our friendly sales staff is ready to listen to your needs and provide high-quality workmanship you can depend on. Contact us today.


Performance Powdercoating and Manufacturing is a full-service facility that can take your product from the design stage, through the manufacturing process, and prepare a finished product that’s ready for shipping.

Powder Coating

With more than 25 years of experience, we can provide a variety of high quality finishes in an array of colors and textures for any application. Our powder coating facility houses several ovens to handle large volumes and eliminate the waiting time. No job it too large or too small. Let our experienced sales staff work with you to get the best results on specific applications, colors, and any special requirements, all at competitive prices.

Performance Powdercoating Motorcycle Finish

Sample color chart, more colors are available

Performance Powdercoating Motorcycle Finish
We can provide a show quality powder coat finish that is more durable than paint.

Media Blasting

Preparing the surface is key to proper powder coat adhesion. We offer a variety of surface preparation techniques using different media to clean off old paint, rust etc., without damaging the surface or adding too much heat.

Performance Powdercoating Motorcycle FinishLargest automated media blaster in Arizona
Performance Powdercoating Motorcycle FinishHand sand blasting for intricate and specialized products


Our engineers are skilled at taking your idea, to the next level. We can create designs, 3D modeling, and manufacture a prototypes of your product that can be further analyzed for strength, quality, economical cost, material choice and much more.

Performance Powdercoating Motorcycle Finish Example of 3D computer modeling

Performance Powdercoating Motorcycle Finish

From design to actual product


Take advantage of our 35,000 square foot facility and allow our manufacturing team to efficiently and quickly produce your products here in the U.S.A. Our CNC Machines, Press Brake Benders, High-Pressure Water Cutter, precision welding and more, allow your products to be manufactured at competitive costs, without sacrificing quality, shipment time or the ability to quickly make changes to your product.

Performance Powdercoating Water Jet Cutting
Performance Powdercoating CNC Machines
Performance Powdercoating 3D Modeling and CNC machining

Powder Coating Process

Powder coating is a finish that is applied to a product as a dry powder, as opposed to a liquid like paint. The dry powder is applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a “skin”. The powder may be a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer and creates a hard, durable finish that is tougher than paint and can last much longer.

Powder Coating Process
The process involved in powder coating involves first preparing the surface. This is done to remove any oil, dirt, rust or anything else that can hinder the adhesion of the powder coat or cause any imperfections on the surface. This is done by chemically treating the items to be powder coated, or media blasting with the appropriate hardness of media that includes sand, powder, glass, walnut shells and more.

The next step is to apply the powder coat by means of an electrostatic gun, which is the most reliable method. The dry powder coat is given a positive charge, and the product to be powder coated is grounded. The positively charged powder is attracted to and adheres to the grounded surface leaving a consistent layer of powder coat.

Once the surface is completely and evenly covered, it is cured in an oven that is typically 400 degrees- F. The amount of time depends on the powder coat and the size of the surface that is coated.

Performance Powdercoating Motorcycle Finish

Our automated media blasting unit. The largest in Arizona.

Performance Powdercoating Motorcycle Finish
Production line powder coat application capabilities for big orders and quick turn-around times.

Performance Powdercoating Motorcycle Finish
Individual product powder coat applications are also important to us. No job is too small.

Performance Powdercoating Motorcycle Finish
Utility truck coming out of one of several large ovens at our facility.

Performance Powdercoating Motorcycle Finish
Motorcycle wheel with show-finish. Many quality finishes and textures are available.

Performance Powdercoating Motorcycle Finish
Helicopter dolly designed, manufactured and powder coated at Performance Powdercoating


Performance Powdercoating’s engineering department is ready to work with you on your product’s design. Our engineers have years of experience and are able to recommend ways to enhance your product, as well as find ways to help your bottom line!

3D Modeling Software

We incorporate the latest techniques to bring your ideas to a workable and cost effective design. Our 3D modeling software offers cutting-edge solutions that optimize materials, maximize production, and minimize material waste.

Performance Powdercoating 3D Modeling Capabilities
3D modeling software optimizes your design’s manufacturing process and can run through a series of simulations to achieve optimum results.
Performance Powdercoating design capabilities
Our engineering team works with you every step of the way from design, to prototyping and final production. This ensures that quality checks are made at every step to guarantee success.
Performance Powdercoating created from solid aluminum block
From simple to intricate designs, our engineering team can help make your products some to life.


We offer machining and fabrication capabilities to make Performance Powdercoating a one-stop place for our customers. Our machining area offers punching, shearing, water jet cutting, bending, machining, welding and press break forming. By offering these services, it allows many of our customers a one-stop place for all their needs, saving them time and money.

CNC Machining

Performance Powdercoating CNC Machine

Our CNC machines work directly from our 3D modeling software and can create your product in the most efficient way possible.

Performance Powdercoating CNC detail
Getting the details right can make or break a product. Our engineering team ensures it gets done right the first time with our CNC machines.

Performance Powdercoating Small And Large CNC Machined Parts
Small or large, every component is just as important from the design to the finished details.


High Pressure Water Jet Cutting

A precise cutting tool that can be used with many materials and can make intricate and delicate cuts.

Performance Powdercoating Water Jet Machine Cutter

Performance Powdercoating water jet cutting
Precision cutting to meet demanding specifications.

Performance Powdercoating Water Jet cutting aluminum
Creative designs that set your product apart.

Performance Powdercoating water jet cut tile
Unique approaches to develop new opportunities.

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